Macabre…ish Horror Review: Zoo




Zoo, 2018/ 1 hr 35 min.


A couple, John (Ed Speleers) and Karen (Zoë Tapper), who’s on the road to divorce are in middle of an apocalyptic event and they find out when an airplane clips their building and crashes into the one behind theirs.


On the news they are told to stay inside but they have no food so Karen decides that they should take turns raiding their neighbors. They are told by the news to put an X in their windows so the rescuers can find them.


Karen really enjoys looting the neighbors and it’s starting to concern John. When John is worried about the infected getting in, Karen sets to collects items to use for weapons. Some of their neighbors are scattered about partially eaten.


She finally breaks down and confesses that what he feared is true, she wanted a divorce. They lost their child and she isn’t coping well. Meanwhile, the building is filling with the infected. And on the news the anchor says a cure is being worked on.


Slowly, Karen and John, begin to like each other again. He also finds out she had quite the hoard of a variety of illicit drugs.


They spend their time exercising, training, making weapons and doing drugs. Until some neighbors come knocking after finally escaping the laundry room after 2 days. One of them, Emily (Antonia-Campbell Hughes) is a terrible gossip and they notice that Karen and John have a lot of recognizable items. Leo (Jan Bijvoet) is a kind older man.


Somehow they end up staying instead of returning to their own apartment. Emily creates a rivalry and plan to take over their apartment. Then Karen made drug infused cookies and killed them. Then the pair get back up. So Karen kills them again.


After getting rid of their guests they decide to actively rekindle their romance or try.


Then they accidentally let in the wrong people mistaking them for rescue. It’s downhill from here. The ending was expected but it didn’t stop it from being heart wrenching.



This film was directed by Antonio Tublen. This is paced well and is a good story. A struggling married couple try to rekindle their rocky relationship with the back drop of a zombie outbreak. The intervals of zombies, other survivors, marauders and the news are constant reminders of the pandemic happening around them. There are some bloody moments and adult scenes. Sad ending. This was good!