Macabre...ish Horror Reviews: Chain Letter


Chain Letter, 2009/ 89 min. High school friends are brought together again by a chain letter passing through their lives by email and text messages. No one knows who’s sending the letter but if it’s not passed on to 5 people within 24 hours or they are brutally murdered. Weapon of choice, chains. 


And the mayhem starts within the first 5 minutes, a person is taped and chained up in a garage, each leg connected to a different car and as her parents drive off to work, this girl had a terrible ending. This movie is gruesome, so be ready!



It has the feel of Scream in that, the killer is everywhere. He’s have to know everyone in town personally, to just pop up, randomly, at the perfect time they happen to be alone. There’s never any trace of his coming or going and the only evidence ever left behind are chains. 



And as is often the case in these kinds of movies, the kids start figuring it out before the police do. The last few minutes of the movie seemed rushed, lots of clues unearthed and answered...sort of...and the lead detective is kidnapped and presumed killed. 


The police have nothing. And kids are dropping like flies. There are plenty of recognizable people in this movie. The pacing is pretty good, got a good kill spread. One thing though, when they go back and forth between the kids at home/school and the police, it felt like 2 different movies. Also this is clearly social commentary. All in all, good effects, very gory! Enjoy, gore fans!



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