Macabre...ish Horror Reviews: Chromeskull: Laid To Rest 2



Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2, 2011/ 93 min


After the slaughter at the convenience store, the police arrive to process the scene and Chromeskull appears to somehow still be alive. But apparently a few people there seem to work for or with Chromeskull and are looking for the 2 people who got away. The woman, Aida, is horribly traumatized and can't get the last 24 hours out of her head. And unfortunately, she is soon found. But the guy is talking to police. Meanwhile, Chromeskull is getting himself a new face from a black market surgeon and his assistant cleans up evidence of his slaughter spree.


The assistant (Brian Austin Green) has written him off for dead, another assistant (Danielle Harris) nurses him back to health and after having seen his new face, the Chrome mask and camera goes back on and he's out hunting again. The show must go on. And while all this is happening, the police is trying to figure out just what exactly is going on. And all the while, the assistant, continues on making new weapons,  kidnapping new victims and has turned himself into Chromeskull and the kills have become even more gruesome and theatrical. I think he's really enjoying it. Or he's gone insane.


But not only has a few victims escaped, one that's been killed is a police woman and there are now 2 Chromeskulls wreaking havoc and bodies are piling up and so is the footage. And when the police finally arrive, they aren't ready.



This is a relatively low budget, direct continuation of the first movie, just as gory and  as the first. Ridiculous levels of torture porn. Very graphic. There are some flashback scenes that kind of took me out of the story and disrupted the flow a few times and it started to become redundant. Plus the cinematography is not as good as the first and they give us a tiny bit more story but we still don't exactly know what is going on here. All in all, I still found it entertaining.



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