Macabre…ish Horror Reviews: Freaks



Freaks, 2018 Sci-fi/Thriller/ 1h 44m



Chloe (Lexy Kolker) is set to get a new family, paid for by her dad (Emile Hirsch), she is 7 years old and has lived her entire life inside the dilapidated old house covered in her drawings. In her room and in her closet, every once in a while she sees a woman (Amanda Crew) who appears in distress. Other times, a little girl, Harper (Ava Telek), is in there, who Chloe makes play with her. Her dad insists they’re dreams or her imagination.


Chloe lives in fear and fascination of the outside world. Out there, she and her kind are not accepted and are supposedly a constant threat. But that’s all she knows about it.


Though she’s 7, she’s smart and headstrong, and it causes all kinds of problems for her and her dad’s survival. Even after her dad’s been wounded and passed out, she is single minded and determined. So she goes outside and gets in exactly the kind of trouble her dad feared.


After learning everything about them and being a serious handful, she goes to the new family, ahead of schedule. She immediately creeps them out. This was not necessarily supposed to be a permanent situation but now it isn’t happening at all.


Suddenly all of her dad’s efforts to hide and protect her are undone. But a sudden truth and realization changes their plans drastically and they go from hiding to an impossible life saving rescue.


But they have to stay alive long enough to do it.


This sci fi thriller directed by Zach Lipovsky, Adam Stein is a moderately fast moving and intricate movie, that at first will be confusing until the story goes on. The story scope seems broader than it actually is and the concept and cast is very good. There are some graphic bloody moments and some pretty good effects. This reminds me of Brightburn. It’s good!


Also in the cast is Bruce Dern.