Macabre...ish Horror Reviews: Paintball



Paintball, 2009/ 89 min.


This is a competition that begins with scouting competitive players, globally.


After they are chosen, a group of strangers, from all over the world, gather in a forest to play the game, they’re transported to the location, outfitted and given positions in their team and rules of the game.


The mission: 24 hours to capture 6 flags and warned that they will confront an enemy team.


At each flag, they will find a box that contains an object that will give them an advantage in the field. 


They are finding the game, fun and exciting, just what they hoped for until one of them is shot with real ammunition. The game, as it turns out, is an actual fight for survival and these players aren’t ready.


This ‘playground’ is filled with real snipers, real traps and real killers. People who enjoy killing and doing it as brutally as possible. Maybe the show is for whoever is watching because they are recording video.


And help is not coming, the players cannot stop the game or tap out, there’s no escape. All you can do is survive and play your way out. 


This movie doesn’t make you wait for the action but the kills are pretty spread out in the movie. And they do a great job with pivotal moments and how they change our experience of the story. 


This is another shaky cam, point of view movie, plus lots of night vision usage but very effectively done. A lot of the kills are dramatic and imaginative but makes sense to the plot.


When one player stumbles upon the truth of the game, and realizes no one was ever meant to leave, it changes the movie again and it really gets interesting. Now it’s an even different kind of game and story.  


It’s graphic, gory and sometimes brutal. Good effects, concept and cinematography! This is a good movie, I was hooked from the beginning!


P.S. The cover and opening music make this movie seem like a bad training video. But don’t let it trick you, this is a good movie! 



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