Macabre...ish Horror Reviews: Trick R Treat



Trick R Treat has become my hands down favorite Halloween movie. It’s a horrific modern day fairytale. A small town will many secrets.


There’s a serial killer who hunts on Halloween night, picking them off as they Trick or treat. He also dresses up and hunts for victims at the Halloween parade and parties. In fact, he meets his end at a party. On top of being a prolific serial killer, he’s also a father and he teaches his son the trade.


There’s also an elderly man who once was a bus driver and he set up the deaths of the town’s disabled children by driving the bus into a lake and drowning the kids on Halloween. And he got away with it and it’s become a part of the town lore and it’s said those children haunt the town’s children on Halloween. It is not so much lore however, as much as another dangerous reality of the town. They do haunt the children and kill them.


Then we have a group of young women who turn out to be werewolves, they throw a Halloween bonfire in the woods and invite dates. Said dates become catering for the party as the ladies transform and consume their victims.


There is also the spirit of Halloween, Sam, he arrives and makes sure everyone is in the spirit of the season. Decorating and handing out candy, if not, it’ll cost that wet blanket his or her life.


I love this movie and it’s become my Halloween favorite!


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