Macabre...ish Horror Reviews: Victim


Victim. A man is kidnapped by a distinguished but mad doctor, Dr. Volk, imprisoned an unwilling subject in a horrific experiment and endures one surgery after another. All the while the doctor is brainwashing him and slowly changing his identity and gender into that of a woman.


Every time he wakes up he realizes one more part of his body has been feminized and the doctor begins giving him women’s clothing and referring to him in the feminine and demanding he respond as such. Giving him nail polish, wig and razor, expecting him to present himself as a woman and not just any woman but his daughter.


Eventually our subject is given a new name, Rachel, and invited into the rest of the house as a guest and expected to interact as Rachel. 


As time goes by we learn the truth, ‘Rachel’ once created a snuff film and hired Dr. Volk’s daughter as an actress on the film, he brutalized her and left her for dead. Well she survived but lives in the house with her father and under his care in a persistent vegetative state.


Dr. Volk found out what happened to his daughter, why and had his vengeance on her attacker. The truth confessed as the doctor confronts Rachel.  In the end, Rachel ends up  killing both the doctor and his daughter and eventually we see Rachel at the end of the movie, hitchhiking and who’s now fractured mind is trying to accept a new life as a woman.


I found this movie very difficult to watch, the subject matter is tough to stomach. Otherwise, the quality of this movie is good. It’s graphic, it’s bloody, it’s horrific. 


Also this movie is an adaptation of The Skin I Live In, that I have not seen but if or when I do, I’ll link to the review.


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