Macabre...ish Horror Reviews: Wristcutters




Wristcutters, 2006/ 88 min.

This is a story of life after suicide. Oh yes, there is life but bleaker, sadder...a sky with no stars and faces without smiles and miserably hot. No brilliance, everything is somehow dimmer. Life is much as it was, just darker. You still need to work, have a place to love etc.

Zia, finds that out for himself after committing suicide. It’s a strange realm, populated by other successful suicides, many of them still sporting the heinous wounds of what brought them here.

They bond over their stories of how they came to be there. Zia is considering killing himself again because the place sucks. Here, he also learns that his ex-girlfriend, Desiree, has also killed herself. So he and his friend Brian goes on a road trip in search of her.

They pick up a hitchhiker who insists a mistake has been made and intends to speak to whoever is in charge and is on a quest to be sent back.

There are lots of interesting people here. A commune leader, a Russian musician who killed himself during a show. He lived with his family, his family is also there, all suicides. A cult leader and dog knapper named Messiah King.

Lots of flashbacks of suicides and narrated by Zia. This is not scary but I found it very entertaining. Lots of recognizable faces and interesting concept and story. If you liked John Dies In the End, you might like this.