Macabre...ish Horror Summary: Alien 3


Alien 3, 1992/114 min.

It’s 2179 and Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), Newt, Hicks and Bishop (Lance Henriksen) are in homeostasis when their ship, the Sulaco, catches fire. The ship’s computer ejects their pod and it crash lands in Fiorina 161 aka Fury, a maximum security penal colony that only houses Double Y chromosome male inmates.


The inmates recover the pod and it’s passengers, including one with a facehugger. Unfortunately only Ripley survives and she is informed of that by the prison doctor, Clemens (Charles Dance).


She requests autopsies of the dead, fearing they may contain alien embryos.


They do not but the facehugger attacks the dog and a quadrupedal Alien is born and quickly grows to adulthood.


Soon it kills 3 inmates and Ripley recovers Bishop’s body from the dump and is almost raped by 4 inmates and is saved by Dillon (Charles S. Dutton) when he beats them with a pipe. After Ripley reactivates Bishop, she confirms that a facehugger arrived on Fury with them. 


Ripley suggests they work together to hunt and kill the alien but they don’t believe her and anyway have no weapons. Their only hope is to wait for rescue that was summoned upon her arrival. When more people are killed including the warden, she rallies the inmates to act. In the mean time, Ripley realizes she’s carrying a queen and that the alien won’t attack her because of it. She also discovers Weyland’s intent to turn the aliens into bio-weapons.


When rescue finally arrives, Bishop’s creator tries to convince her to undergo surgery to remove the alien, but she knows he’s lying and will make sure the queen is destroyed.


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