Macabre...ish Monster/Horror Art!: Henrik Honk MBC


Hello, hello Horror Fans! I got some great art from a Monster artist from Sweden, his name is Henrik


and I first saw his work on Instagram Live and he was letting us watch him paint an alien piece, from the Alien movies, of course. And I’m a fan! Whenever he’s working on something Live, I’m there.





I didn’t have any hope in being able to afford any of his work but I DM’ed him nonetheless. To shorten this story, he makes all different sizes, shapes and styles of all different kinds of monsters. He doesn’t take requests or do commissions but if you’re on his page and see something interesting, shoot him a DM. He’s not just a great artist, he’s a great guy and happy to answer any questions. And he does ship world wide. My pieces made it from Sweden to Texas with no problem.



(From They Live and Hannah from Walking Dead)


But wait...there’s more!





Pennywise from the IT reboot. He also added the balloon and customized it with my name! Thanks Henrik!!




Henrietta from Evil Dead 2!



With a sign and a removable 3D eyeball!! Amazing! Fits right in with the eyeball theme that keeps recurring on my instafeed. See the unboxing here

Also did I mention, he’s a rocker, the man has a band, The Southern Hostiles!





He also does lectures if you happen to be in Sweden and are interested.





So follow him on Instagram and he will let you know when he’s got one scheduled. His account was hacked and stolen so the link has been updated.

If you’re following him you’ll get to see all kinds of monster at different stages of creation, up until he sends it off to its new home.





Plus his side cat, Siggan, band and lecture news. Also, he bakes. There will be baked goods!





You know, regular social media fare but mostly monsters. Monsters and Siggan..



 All images are the property of Henrik.Honk MBC. 




Also, he has a YouTube channel where you can find videos of him creating many of his works! 


And now you can find me on YouTube as well, reviewing the randomest of things deemed macabre and horror-able! Go there now!


As usual, thanks so much for stopping in, it is always a pleasure!




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