Macabre...ish Review: Along Came A Spider


Along Came A Spider, 2001/ 103 min.

Detective and forensic psychologist, Alex Cross (Morgan Freeman) loses his partner in a sting, devastating him, he’s forced to retire.



But is subsequent, forced back into law enforcement when a kidnapper contacts him, after taking a Senator’s child from school. Upon his arrival at the school, the secret service detail, SA Jezzie Flannigan (Monica Potter), who is being held responsible for the security breach.



When the kidnapper Soneji (Michael Wincott), also the child, Megan Rose’s computer science teacher, contacts Cross again and expresses an obsession with Lindbergh.



Cross reasons that he wants to commit the next great crime of the century and has plans to kidnap another child, that if a Russian diplomat.



A plan that he and Flannigan foil. Afterward there is a demand for $10 million in diamonds and Cross is forced through a maze of phone calls through the city to make the drop. Soneji then arrives at Flannigan’s where she is incapacitated and he killed, after a conversation between he and Cross, and the reality of the ransom is uncovered.


Later, the plan is clear and foiled when Flannigan goes off and connects with another person involved and to find the girl. Cross arrives and explains how he came to be there, including breaching Flannigan’s computer, dispatches the culprits and rescues Megan Rose.


This is a good, intense thriller and it’s pretty fast paced with plenty of twists. And a really satisfying ending!


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