Macabre...ish Review: Kiss The Girls



Kiss The Girls, 1997/ 2 hrs.


Dr. Alex Cross (Morgan Freeman)



heads to Durham, NC after his niece is reported missing. He learns, from Det. Ruskin,



that she’s the latest in a series of missing young women. Upon his arrival, one of the victims is found dead, as well as another woman, Dr. Kate McTiernan (Ashley Judd), kidnapped.



She wakes, drugged, inside of some kind of lair, with many young women imprisoned and kept by a masked man who calls himself, Casanova. She manages to escape, running through the woods and leaping off a cliff, she’s hurt but alive. She’s rescued and once she’s better, joins Cross to find the other women and Casanova. Who Cross realizes is a collector, not a murderer, unless the rules are broken.


The clues lead to LA, the domain of a kidnapper/murderer known as The Gentleman Caller,



who slips Dr. Crosses grasp but leads him upriver, to an underground hideout, discovered to be Casanova’s lair, revealing themselves as partners. Casanova then escapes but Rudolph (Gentleman Caller) (Tony Goldwyn) is shot by Cross and the women, including his niece, are discovered and rescued.


Ruskin is at Kate’s house, after sending the officers home who are guarding her. Meanwhile, Cross, preparing to meet Kate for dinner, notices Ruskin’s signature on an arrest warrant matches Casanova’s handwriting. Cross’ rushes to Kate after being unable to reach her. Casanova/Ruskin’s (Carey Elwes) disconnected the phone. Kate has grown suspicious of Ruskin, who drops his act and attacks. Soon Cross arrives.


Another good thriller with another satisfying ending!


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