Macabre…ish Review: Tormented




Tormented aka Berkshire County, 2014/ 1 hr 23 min



After a teen, Kylie (Alysa King), is humiliated and assaulted when videos of her and a guy at a party gets around school, her mother sends her to a baby sitting gig in the middle of nowhere.


And during this hour long drive she is harassed by the kid, Marcus (Aaron Chartrund) who coerced and recorded her at the party, he wants her to talk to the principal and get him out of trouble.


As she passes the Berkshire County sign, she sees what looks like an old ambulance, tucked away, just out of eye sight. After arriving at the mansion, one of the adults knows about the video and Kylie is not welcome but they are desperate.


After prank calls and gross emails, someone knocks on the door, a trick or treater in a pig’s mask and a trap. Kylie gets away but these people are still trying to get in and the phone lines have been cut. So she calls 911/Roberta (Samora Smallwood) from her phone.


Once in, a person with a knife and wearing a pig mask (Bart Rochon) searches the house. Kylie needs to find the kids (Madison Ferguson and Cristophe Gallander) and get out but then she sees another person in a pig’s mask. And this person is carrying one of the kids.


In an old pork truck outside, Kylie finds other people, other kids, tied up and some are out cold. She tries to drive the van away but it won’t start. Her car has been disabled, so they  hide, the cops are 4 minutes away.


And remember that kid in the pig mask, he’s just as dangerous as the adults. And the police, well they might not be so helpful after all. And when Kylie finally finds help, it’s the last person she wants to see. She will have to do a lot more than run and hide to survive this.

This indie horror directed by Audrey Cummings turned out to be really good, it got progressively better and darker as it went on. This begins as kind of typical meh teen film but it elevates well after Kylie gets to the mansion. It’s not too graphic though there are some gory moments, I wouldn’t call this a gore fest. There are some solid twists in this movie and after seeing the swine headed people, I was hooked to the bitter end. I enjoyed this.