Macabre...ish Tech Review: iCodis Theater 817 Pro Projector



See the difference!!


At this point you know I take my cinema seriously and I have mentioned, a time or two about my affinity for vintage tech but I am a fan of the newer stuff too and happen to favor a projector for the best viewing experience since I haven’t been to the theatre in a while, I miss the big screen on a regular tv. The first movies I saw via projector was Descent 1 and 2!


And over the last few years, projectors have come a long, long way. And have only gotten better with time. My biggest complaint about my first one is that the fan was loud. And trying to hear the movie over the fan was problematic. So I connected a surround sound with just to speakers plus the subwoofer and it made alot of different but you could still hear the loud fan from the projector when the volume wasn’t turned up.


But my prayer was answered with the iCodis 817 pro projector. It has ports for HDMI, AV, USB and VGA. As well as an earphone jack and AUX for your audio.



Which means you can hook up everything from you pc and gaming console, to your phone and USB! And the picture is SO clear!! If you need to adjust, it’s got a little knob on it, adjust it, no problem.



The projection size can go from 50 in. to 180 in. And now I find it hard to go back to the flat screen tv. And let’ be honest, the cost of a flat screen, even at 50 in. can be prohibitively expensive and if that screen takes any damage, it’s over. Projectors are just far more compact, out of the way and a cost effective option than a big screen tv. 


It also comes with a couple guarantees, a 30 day refund and a 1 year product warranty. Interested? Great! Click here!


It’s got alot of good reviews and make sure you get an authentic one and not some random knock off, to ensure quality and the included warranty. 


And I’m always looking for a warranty because I’m a heavy user and these electronics are not exactly free and if it suddenly blinks out, I’m going to need a refund or replacement and no hassle. Plus free shipping!


Also, another thing people might not think about is security, I travel a fair amount and it’s easier to put this up than it is to hide a tv from a crook. I never have to worry about my ancient vcr or betamax getting stolen (LOL) but a brand new flat screen, yeah. Again, you can get it here.


This is so light and easy to tuck away anywhere, it’s not a problem. I can pack it in my luggage if I wanted but we know how rough they are with baggage, so no!


Speaking of traveling with a projector though, this company makes a portable, battery powered projector, that can be easily carried in your carry-on, if you’re interested. Because you know I am! 



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