Macabre...ish Thriller Review: Subject Two


Subject Two is a thriller about a doctor, Franklin Vick, engaged in seriously controversial medical research, being the dead back to life. He’s a modern day Dr. Frankenstein. He, with his assistant Adam, a psychologically unstable young medical student, test their work and the effects of Resurrection on an experimental subject.

In a remote cabin in the Rocky’s, they experience the side effects and the disturbing results. This will be a tough movie to describe without giving it away. The subjected is killed and resurrected, over and over again and observed as to the effects of death, reawakening, body condition etc.

Each death different than the last and sad. The Subject becomes a sadder and sadder character, I found it harder to watch as it went along because of it. And the doctor’s cold detachment from the subjects’ reality is kind of brutal. It is bloody and graphic. There are homicides, suicides and torture.

The characters are so eerie that sometimes you wonder if these people are insane or if this a ‘real’ scientific experiment. It’s a very intriguing tale.

I really enjoyed the cinematography in this movie. It is very low budget but this movie was made by a very skilled movie maker. And with an estimated budget of $23,000, I’m amazed by the quality. And it’s a good concept done well. The cinematography and music goes a long way in setting the mood and feel of the movie. Even before anything starts happening, you know it’s going to be heavy and eerie. And the movie does not disappoint. Also, if you don’t sit and watch it, you’ll miss half the story.

In the interest of not ruining the movie for people who’d like to see it. I’ll say this…first of all, this movie is beautiful and I wouldn’t think you could pull off this cinematography with such a small budget. If the entire movie cost about $23,000, I can’t imagine how little cinematography and editing must’ve been.

Secondly, nothing is what you think. Nothing! The doctor’s not the doctor. Everyone that you though was alive was dead and everyone you though was dead was ‘alive’. The assistant isn’t the assistant. No one and nothing is what it appears. And for that, I love this movie.

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