My Obsession and Fear of Evil, Undead Babies

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There are few things more disturbing to me than an evil undead baby. Which can be either a boy or girl but either way, scary as hell. Because how did that happen?! And what do you do?! Babies are supposed to be cute and we’re supposed to protect them and when a person is faced with stomping an evil baby out or shooting it, it’s equally disturbing and horrifying but for different reasons.

In Cockneys vs Zombies, a baby turns into a zombie suddenly and is then punter like a football as the little monster reaches out to attack.

The 2004 version of Dawn of the Dead when an infant is born from a zombie mother, the father loses his mind and another survivor has to shoot it.

In 2012, Rise of the Zombies with Danny Trejo, Levar Burton and Mariel Hemingway, we watch as a newly bitten pregnant lady goes into labor and an infant is born and we see the ‘infection’ travelling up the umbilical cord to suddenly turn that baby into the undead. The woman who helped deliver it, stomped the infant to death.

And not just babies, little kids, (Gage from Pet Sematary) because they can walk!

It’s scary on more than one point, they’re innocent and it’s tough to experience the innocent in that way. Also, we have to do something about it and the only reasonable ‘something’ to do, is kill it. And that’s not an easy solution.

So yeah, I’ve thought way to much about it. And now we can move on with the rest of our day! Happy Monday everyone!

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