Walled In Review

Walled In is a movie about an apartment complex, the Malestrazza Building, built by a renowned and eccentric architect, that become the final resting place for 16 people in 1993, who were killed and entombed within the walls of the structure. It is presumed that a layed off factory worker is the culprit and that the building’s architect, Joseph Malestrazza, is also one of the victims. The killer was never caught. And 15 years later, this massive concrete crypt is slated to be torn down but first, there are squatters and a dedicated caretaker that need to be warned and removed and units the previously occupied tenants never bothered to empty. But there’s still something strange going on here and when the newly, graduated structural engineer arrives to prepare the site, she discovers and array of interesting and terrified people.


The movie opens with a little girl waking up to wet concrete being poured in with her and filling up the space as she screams for her Dad. As Sam, the engineer, examines the structure, she discovers that this building is full of secrets, such as the building does not match its blueprints and why it doesn’t. And the story of the massacre is not entirely true, complete or over. 


Good movie with a good story and surprise crazy ending, I wish there was more! Definitely a thriller. The only serious blood in this movie comes from a dead dog. Though there are murders and a suicide, this is not a gory movie by any stretch. This movie is 91 minutes long and is in English and offers English subtitles.

Enjoy thriller fans! 



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