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How Did This Happen?



I began making planchettes, amongst other things because I didn’t often see things that I liked. Then I’d see things and often think, ‘If someone put that and that together, the result could be amazing!’ After a while, that person became me. I started putting things I like together to make things that I really enjoyed.


I’d get the wood and cut it, carve it, sand it, stain it add resin myself and embed things in it. I make my own casts and molds. I source gears, stones etc. It’s a lot! And I love it!


I’d make wall hangings and collectibles and have them around my house and people would inquire where I got them and there was interest. And that would make me nervous, I’m not a ‘real’ artist, I’d think. I never thought about making a living by making anything but if there was interest, I could make a few sales.


Why not me? Why everyone else but not me? I think that’s where Imposter Syndrome comes in. Listen, I know I’m not Picasso and I don’t have years of classical training in the finest institutions etc. But why can’t I make what moves me? And if others like it or it moves them and they want to buy it, why not let them?


Not everyone is going to like it or understand it. And that’s ok. We all know taste and opinion are personal and individual. And yet, I’ve always felt some apprehension and of course there’s always someone who just has to let you know all of their feelings or opinions about it.



And yet, I’m still going to do it and enjoy it and feel inspired. There’s a freedom in creating anything and it’s like nothing else. I can’t trade that feeling for anything, not even for the people who are confused and don’t get it. They do not have to like it, look at it or buy it. No one’s  asking them too.


But I get it. And if you’ve read this far, you get it. We’ll leave them to it and keep going. Keep creating and experiencing that freedom.


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Either way, have an amazing day!