Macabre...ish Horror Review: Day Watch


Daywatch, 2006| 131 min.


A year later, New Years 2006, Anton's still a Night Watch operative, he now works with Svetlana, his trainee and love interest and he has lost his son to the Dark Others. Anton is tasked with secretly destroying evidence of his son's, Yegor's, attacks on regular people because it violates the treaty. Meaning the Night Watch cannot sentence him.


Seeking to redeem himself for attempting to use magic to kill Yegor in the womb he searches for the Chalk of Fate, which can rewrite history.


Meanwhile, Yegor's birthday approaches and he will become a Great Other on that day and will acquire the power that will allow the Dark Other's to defeat the Light, breaking the treaty. The leader of the Dark Others frame Anton for murder and brings him to face the Inquisition. And Anton is hidden inside someone else's body, where he learns Svetlana loves him.


Anton acquires the chalk and uses it to summon his resentful son. Who takes the chalk to the Dark Leader who cannot touch or use the chalk.

Later at Yegor's birthday Anton faces off with the Leader of the Dark and risks all out war.


Same quality of Night Watch and a direct continuation.







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