Macabre...ish Horror Review: Night Watch


Night Watch, 2004/ 114


There's always been a division between Light and Dark Others, humans endowed with supernatural powers, during our Medieval history, both armies met by chance and have been clashing ever since. The leaders of both sides called a truce since it was obvious neither side had an obvious advantage. And each side commissioned their own policing force to ensure the truce was kept. The Light sides force was called Night Watch.


In Moscow, Anton visits a witch, Daria, and asks her to cast a spell to get his wife back and for miscarry her illegitimate child. She agrees and just as the spell as completed, 2 people break in the door to stop her. When they realize he can see them, they realize he's also an other.


Fourteen years later, Anton joins the Night Watch. While on his rounds he discovers evidence linked to an ancient prophecy of a very powerful other that will end the stalemate between light and dark. And that this other will likely join the Dark Side. The investigation leads him to Svetlana, a nurse, who's a walking disaster. And a boy named Yegor.


Anton's past actions are the catalyst to the events of the future.


Very good movie! Really good visuals, effects and soundtrack. This a Russian supernatural action thriller with English voice over. Expect some violence and blood.

Has a strong Constantine/Matrix vibe. Witches, Vampires, Shapeshifters etc.


 Also there’s a sequel, Day Watch!


And there are books! 




I’ll even make it easy for you! ;)  Here’s Night Watch, Day Watch and Twilight Watch.


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