Macabre...ish Horror Review: Dead Set




Deadset, 2008/ 142 min. Originally released on October 27 to 31st, in a 5 episode serial. It’s about the zombie outbreak happening during the filming of a English reality show, think Big Brother,





the contestants find out about the outbreak when it was fairly underway. When an intern breaks the 4th wall and enters the house when she’s looking for a safe place away from the zombies.





The cast mates believe it’s some hilarious plot that the show is pushing and they refuse to believe her and when one of them opens the door, calling her bluff, a zombie barrels in and immediately bites someone. The intern then beats his head in with a fire extinguisher and they finally believe her.





They scramble to come up with a plan and administer first aid to the bitten cast member. Meanwhile the infrastructure is going down and help is not coming. The boyfriend of an employee is also trying to make it across town to her...via train, on foot, by car and boat. He also acquired and loses a partner along the way.

 Back at the Big Brother house, one misstep after another costs them and people are infected and killed. Will anyone survive this nightmare? Will anyone escape? 





These are ‘fast zombies’, after infection happens it’s not sudden, maybe a few hours. They eat everything, not just brains. And as usual the head must be destroyed. I love this series! It’s funny. As well as being gory and graphic. I also love the reality show setting and it feels like it could happen this way. It’s not just a movie but a 5 episode serial. The characters are interesting and I really enjoyed the zombies, transformation, attacks etc. There are even characters you love to hate! This was definitely a fun zombie series. Good effects and zombie makeup. Well paced. It’ll suck you right in. It is very well done.




 P.S. Patrick was my favorite character to hate. Completely reprehensible human being with some hilarious lines. 

Case in point...

Pippa:I wish you'd stop huffing, you'll use up all the air.

Patrick:It's not a submarine, you specimen. Do you understand how air works?

Pippa:You've just wasted more air!

Patrick:Do you even understand what is going on here or is the whole world just colours and shapes and the occasional noise in your head?


Pippa might be a dummy but damn!


 If you enjoy this series, there is a Brazilian version that is at least as good called Reality Z, check it out!


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