Macabre...ish Horror Review: Dead Tone aka 7eventy5ive



Dead Tone aka 7eventy 5ive, 2007/ 

The movie opens with children having a slumber party, while their parents are having a party in the living room. The kids play a game called 75 where they prank call strangers and try to keep them on the line for 75 seconds. 


The kids eventually go to bed but the last call, called them back just before coming out of nowhere and slaughtering the parents in the other room with an axe.


Fast forward 10 years, Chuck (Josh Hammond) is murdered at home and the detectives discovered he was one of the kids who was involved with the murders a decade earlier and they discover other kids from the same tragedy have recently been murdered. 


Meanwhile, yet another kid from that tragedy, Brandon (Jonathan Chase), is throwing a party at his family’s secluded house and a friend decides the party should play 75 and the game goes badly when the guy on the line claims he just killed someone.


They hang up and continue the party, ignoring the ringing phone. And just as it happened 10 years before, the party is disturbed by a murdering psychopath with an axe. It is mayhem and destruction until most are dead.


This is a decent slasher flick. Unlike others, a lot of these people fight back hard to survive. Makes the movie more exciting to watch. Gruesome, gory and graphic with a relentless killer. Pay close attention to the movies because their is a twist at the end. Recognizable faces in this one, Rutger Hauer plays a detective.


Also has that ’Scream’ feel because it’s made by the same folks that made Chain Letter. Lots of adult moments and nudity. Plenty of jump scares. This is another one for gore fans! Enjoy!



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