Macabre…ish Horror Review: Friday the 13th Vengeance




Friday the 13th: Vengeance, 2019/ 1 hr 35 min



Elias Vorhees (C.J. Graham) has a secret, with the help of Walt (Tom McLoughlin) the gravekeep, his son, Jason’s (Jason Brooks) grave is empty. Elias never got over or forgave this town for the death of his son and he has no plan to. He wants vengeance not peace.



In a nearby lake, something big is stirring under water and the nearby campers find out what it is after Jason bludgeon’s all but one of them to death. And Elias is nearby, awaiting his return.


At the park, is a young Ashley Jarvis (Sanae Loutsis) and her sister, Angelica (Kelly Tappan) who’s in town to visit family, specifically their dad, Tom, who is missing.


Meanwhile, Sheriff Jason Realotti (Steve Dash) is on the news answering questions about the recent camper attack at Crystal Lake. The sheriff rejects the notion that it has anything to do with Jason Vorhees despite the sole witness. He insists it was a bear attack but even the locals don’t believe that.


Later that evening the local ghost touring companies including, Camp Crystal Lake Horror Tour, leads groups to all the spots Jason killed his victims. Then Jason arrives to give them all the full horrific experience.


Robert Thompson, Angelica’s friend and an investigative journalist/author, gets a group together comprised of people who lost family to Jason. They have a plan to look for Tom who they think is hunting for Jason.


Meanwhile, Jason also makes quick work of a work detail comprised of convicts and the prison guards. The group searching for Tom are in yelling distance of him but they lose their weapons when a local letch steals one of their trucks. But they grab what they have and continue on.


While Jason is cutting a swath through the population, he’s not the only danger in the woods.


The cops are inadvertently helping by refusing to take the Jason angle seriously. Until the sheriff views the body cam footage that debunks his failed escape attempt story explaining the slaughter of the convicts.


And Robert uncovers Elias’ secret that proves Jason’s return plus the secret of some of their grandparents. And then they have to try to survive it.

This Friday the 13th fan film, directed by Jeremy W. Brown and Dustin Montierth, is meant to be the continuation of part 6 (Jason Lives). Included are flashbacks to what happened right after young Jason drowned and what Elias did. This movie is very graphic and gory, bloody and violent. There’s adult scenes, nudity and crass humor. The physical effects are good, the kills are varied and savage. This is a good continuation and it is on youtube, follow it up with Vengeance 2: Bloodlines.