Macabre...ish Horror Review: It (2017)



I am a die hard Stephen King and Tim Curry fan but I did it right for this one, giving then new one a fair shot!



It, 2017/ 135 min.


Bill makes his 6 year old brother, Georgie, a paper boat to play with outside and Georgie loses it down the storm drain. He attempts to recover his boat but encounters a clown instead. The clown introduces himself as Pennywise the Dancing Clown! After luring him closer, he bites off Georgie’s arm and drags him into the drain.



The next summer, Bill and his friends are terrorized and assaulted by Henry Bowers and his gang. Bill is also still haunted by his missing brother and believes him to still be alive, in the Barrens. And elicits his friends help to search for him. At the same time, his friends are having terrifying hallucinations.



So far the movie is exactly the same as the original, just modernized, as much as you can modernize the 80s, in 2017!


                Original Loser’s Club


In addition to being more graphic, bloodier and gorier. The characters are also the same quirky characters of the original.


           The Reboot Loser’s Club


Bill and friends pick up a couple more stragglers, Beverly, after she helps them lift some stuff from the store, she’s bullied at school and abused at home by her dad.  Ben, was rescued from Bowers gang after being beaten, carved up and threatened with death and Mike, is added to the group after being terrorized by Bowers. A rock war ensues and The Losers are victors!


All, even the newcomers, have had terrifying run ins with different incarnations of Pennywise. They name their group, The Losers Club.


Ben discovers that the town has been plagued with unexplained child disappearances and deaths for centuries. Meanwhile, kids continue to disappear.

They realize they’re all haunted by the same entity and discover that whatever this being is, wakes every 27 years to feed and then returns to hibernation. It travels through town via the sewage system.



After Pennywise leaps from a projection screen at The Loser’s Club, they decide to confront the monster at the scary abandoned house. It was terrifying and pennywise escaped down the well and they plan to confront him again, to stop it. But the group is fractured by their fear.


Henry Bowers kills his dad under the direction of Pennywise, Beverly’s dad padlocks her in the house and she fights him off and is kidnapped by Pennywise. And The Loser’s Club reconvenes at the well to get her back. The kids take turns fighting this clown and it is great! After its over, they know he’s not dead and will return and they promise each other to return when it does.


      Not this Pennywise, the new guy!


This new Eddie, the germaphobe has got more edge to him than the original and he’s funny! This version is definitely scarier than the first one and is missing that nostalgic and somewhat oppressive feel of the original. But also seems to have elements from Stephen King’s Black House (not to mention Parts of The Dark Tower Series and the Talisman) and if you’re a bibliophile and Stephen King fan, you know why I say this. The end is very reminiscent of Black House. Which is awesome, by the way!



Tons of effects in this movie. Lots of jump scares. Expect lots of violence against kids. Monsters of every kind, all incarnations of Pennywise. I enjoy this movie in a completely different way than the original. Not to mention the original is much longer, more of a series really, that includes then returning to Derry as adults and attempting to stop Pennywise for good. There is a sequel to this movie coming soon and I can only assume that’s what it will be. The Loser’s Club returning to face the monsters as adults.


I did kind of miss Eddie spraying the clown with his inhaler proclaiming it to be battery acid. But I’ll tell you, this ending wasn’t bad either, kids battling a monster clown is always a good time!!




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