Macabre...ish Horror Review: Runaway




Runaway, 1984/ 99 min.




Robots are common, just like any other electronic but when they malfunction, they become dangerous and are called runaway. And there is a special police division, trained in robotics, that handles them called the runaway squad.


Sgt. Jack Darcey (Tom Selleck) was transferred to the squad after his fear of heights led to the death of a family and escape of the perpetrator. He and his new partner, Ofc. Karen Thompson, deal with the first robot homicide. It killed an entire family after it’s circuits overrode it’s safety function and directs it to attack humans.


Sgt, Darcey discovers the mastermind, even after the informants in end up dead, Dr. Charles Luther (Gene Simmons, yes, that Gene Simmons from KISS).



He’s a former defense contractor who killed his partner when he saw the profit potential of their technology on the black market.


It is discovered he has other weapons, a smart heat seeking missile, smart bombs and a legion of assassin robot spiders. That kill by injecting victims with acid. 



In the end Luther doesn’t survive his own creations.


Fun 80’s nostalgia! Less Terminator and more Short Circuit but more sinister. Lots of recognizable faces here if you enjoy 80’s movies. This is not a scary movie and there is some nudity and adult scenes and language.


Find it here on itunes. If you liked this, you may also like Virus! A little Jamie Lee Curtis scifi horror, adds some supernatural flair to killer robots.




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