Macabre...ish Horror Review: Virus



Virus, 1999/ 1 hr 40 min. The movie begins with a space station being hit by some sort of electrical storm that transmits itself through its communications system  to their vessel at sea.





Jamie Lee Curtis plays a navigator of a tugboat, captained by Robert Everton (Donald Sutherland) that loses its cargo during a hurricane. 






During the eye of the storm the tugboat crew encounter a Russian research ship, dead in the water. And the Captain sees it as a huge pay day, to the tune of thirty million dollars, salvage is 10% of the value of the ship if it is indeed empty.


Boarding the ship, they soon realize it’s not empty, finding a terrified passenger, they discover the vessel has been taken over by an alien intelligence.





Which arrived as electrical energy and subsequent built themselves bodies, part machine, part biological material. These bio-mechanical monstrosities now have one mission, wiping out the virus known as mankind. 





Now the crew of the tugboat must fight to destroy them and get off the ship before they’re killed and become raw materials.





This movie is good! Graphic, gory and gruesome. Recognizable faces, good story and good effects.


It is available here on itunes if it’s not streaming anywhere!  



Enjoy sci-fI horror fans!



Also, I watched it on a projector and it definitely made this movie more enjoyable!! I highly recommend it. 





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