Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Condemned



The Condemned, 2007/ 113 min.


Steve Conrad is purchased by a tv producer while awaiting execution in an El Salvador prison. He with 9 others like him are sent to a camera covered island and offered an opportunity of a life time to avoid execution. Well sort of...Agree to be on a reality show that will be broadcast live, over the internet.


All they have to do to win their freedom and money is to hunt and be hunted by other condemned people, the fight is to the death, the last one standing, wins.


This is a timed event, 30 hours. Each contestant is fitted with an ankle monitor, with a timer set for 30 hours and a detonator connected to 20 oz of plastic explosive, with a 10 second delay.


But all is not quite as it seems and the convicts are not the only ones who should be concerned but they won’t realize it, until it’s too late. It all goes completely off the rails and what was supposed to be a show that rivals the super bowl devolves into a slaughter, witnessed by 40 million viewers, world wide.


I’m very surprised I like this movie but it’s very well made and I enjoyed the concept and the actors. There are moments of heinousness that were truly horrific but it made sense to the story. Plus a killer ending. Well done!


Trigger warning: sexual assault, sexual torture (this is why I’ve only see this a few times)


It’s available here, on itunes, if you’re up for it. Enjoy!! 

P. S. If you like this movie, I highly recommend Predators as well. Here’s the synopsis if you’re interested. 





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