Macabre...ish Horror Review: Underworld




Underworld, 2003/ 121 min.



The story of a death dealer, Selene, who’s mission is to destroy Lycans, werewolves who slaughtered her family. In the midst of an underground war that’s been raging for 6 centuries between vampires and lycans.

Their numbers are dwindling and one way or the other the war will be over soon.



She discover’s the lycans are hunting for a particular human for experimentation, Michael Corvin, who she’s determined to capture first and discover why. Turns out, Alexander Corvinus, the first in both the lycan and vampire, Michael is his descendent.



A train full of council members are slaughtered by lycans. Selene awakens Viktor from hibernation,



much earlier than he should be, in desperation, and presents him with her proof of the conspiracy and Kraven’s deception. Kraven hopes to assume control of the coven and a peace treaty had between lycans and vampires, all in partnership with Lucien.



A lycan born a slave, his only sin was taking a vampire as his bride, Victor’s daughter. Who Viktor then burned with sun light for fear of hybrids.


And later discovers terrible secrets about her father figure, Viktor, and her place in his life. Selene is ordered to kill Michael and Craven has bought himself a death sentence

What they fear most, Viktor in particular, is realized and an abomination is born, a vampire/werewolf hybrid. Stronger than both, a danger to each and basically immortal.



Good story! Good effects and transformations! Great cast! Very action packed, lots of fight scenes and good score. Cool historical flashbacks. And I watched this on a huge screen with a projector, I highly recommend.


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