Macabre...ish Horror Review: Unfriended



Unfriended, 2014/ 83 min.


After a video is uploaded anonymously of a girl, Laura, passing out at a party and defecating on herself, she commits suicide.



A year later, a group of friends chatting on skype are joined by an unknown using the screen name ‘billie227’, after failing to get rid of this person, upon closer inspection of the profile, it belonged to Laura Barns. So they assume they’re being pranked by someone who knows them.



When that person, Val, is added to the group chat then suddenly their feed is flooded with old private photos. And they are causing problems in the group. Val unfriends the facebook account. Get’s freaked out, calls the police and leaves the chat. Once they realize none of them are doing this, they start getting scared. They want to hang up but are warned, hang up and everyone dies.



When Val returns to the chat behaving strangely with a bottle of bleach, the computer falls, then they see the police and her blue face. Billie227 now wants to play a game, Never Have I Ever. Loser dies. To expose everyone’s secrets and everyone will play.



This movie is entirely from the screen of a Macbook. This is not a passive experience, you have to keep up just like you are on a computer, opening, closing windows, going back and forth between video chat and messaging. Social media and search engine. And gets more and more harrowing as the movie goes on. It’s somewhat graphic and some of the deaths were heinous but you only get glimpses of the worst of the fray because it’s shaky cam. It was actually pretty good though and the sequel is coming right up!


Trigger warning: suicide








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