Macabre...ish Horror Review: Unfriended: Dark Web




Unfriended: Dark Web, 2018/ 92 min



Mathias is working on an app for his deaf girlfriend, on a newly acquired laptop that once belonged to someone named NorahC. He got it from a lost and found bin at a cyber cafe. The app that he’s working on, converts speech to sign language, it makes it easier for Amaya, his girl, to understand him. Though not the other way around yet.



He keeps getting messages on the laptop for Norah and realizes it is Norah and he wants his laptop back. And good riddance because it keeps freezing up when he and his friends are on a group video chat. Just as he’s about to shut it down and deliver the computer, he gets bombarded with messages.


Then he sees a message requesting payment for a video. Curious, Matias responds. And he does it on a shared screen with his friends. One realizes that the screen name is NorahC backwards and they recognize that they are chatting through a dark web interface. And they find corresponding videos and they are disturbing.


Matias gets a video call from his girlfriend, Amaya, but it’s not her, it’s a hooded figure, Norah, in her apartment, he’s attacked the roommate and shows. Norah wants the laptop back or he will kill her.

Matias has been warned that everything he sees on his computer, so can the bad guy. No cops. Tell the friends it’s a hoax. And Norah’s coming to get his laptop.



This is not a continuation of the first but it’s a good sequel. Just like the first movie, this is no passive film, you need to pay attention to keep up. This one is less violent than the first but frankly more enthralling and this one’s more a thriller than horror. Intense and well done, this is a great and terrifying concept! The end is messed up and there are 3 of them. 


P.S. This is the sequel to Unfriended!  





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