Macabre...ish Horror Review: V/H/S


V/H/S, 2012/116 min. Is another horror series but in a format that I really like. It’s made in the found footage, POV perspective and it sets the framework for the individual and interesting horror shorts. Many of which would make a killer movie on their own. 


Anyway the premise is, a mysterious 3rd party hired a group of troublemakers to break into a house to retrieve a rare tape. Upon searching the house, they find a dead man, still in his chair, in front of a bank of still running TVs and surrounded by vhs tapes. While searching for this one video that they’re specifically looking for, they discover an endless supply of random and terrifying footage. As they watch, they realize each video is more cryptic and more horrific than the last. 


You realize as the movie goes along that these guys weren’t really sent to find a tape but to endure and experience their own horror and possibly becoming a part of the collection themselves.


This is a really good movie, great concept and frankly, creepy as hell. What makes it so eerie is each subsequent short could literally be about anything...otherworldly killers, ghost horror, mythical creatures, stalking spree killers etc...and just as you get your bearings on what you’re currently watching, it switches up. So you’re always on the edge. It also lures you into complacency because some take a little bit to get to the horror. It’s all a trick!! Then add in blood, gore, just effects in general and it becomes a rough ride. But in the best possible way.


To make the premise more ‘realistic’, there are snippets of prior hijinks of these misfits, mixed in. And it all works, it seems like it could be real.  So there is nudity, sexual situations, blood, gore, it’s graphic, the effects are great. Also when I say nudity, not just nude ladies, there are nude man parts too. Just letting you know, nobody’s shy in this movie and nothing’s blurred. 


There’s also a sequel, if you like this movie. Then if you liked the first episode with the Siren, well now there’s an entire movie just about her! 


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