Macabre...ish Horror Review: V/H/S 2

V/H/S 2 is a more horrifying continuation of the original, it involves the same house with the same set up of multiple televisions and stacks of video tapes and new duo rummaging around in it. This time two Private investigators break into the house, while searching for a missing student and find the collection of VHS tapes and realize, through their search that there may be terrifying motives behind the missing student’s disappearance.


This movie follows the framework of the first movie with the shaky cam, found footage cinematography, and is a continuation of horrific stories found on tapes in this house. Introducing zombies, demons, aliens, doggie cam, devices that help you see ghosts etc. 


This one is arguably scarier, crazier and more graphic. Case in point, one episode is about an end of days cult, just in that episode there’s, murder, suicide, mass suicide, zombies, a demon, said demon born fully grown out of a poor pregnant woman’s body, crazy sex, exploding bodies, gallons of blood, chunks and body parts everywhere. So yeah, all the episodes aren’t to that extent but the game has really stepped up. 


Also as the, private detectives watch these movies, terrible things happen to them. The ending is good and unexpected. The effects continue to be very good. One of the best things about this franchise is how unexpected everything is and the quality continues to be very good. On their own the shorts are great and together and in this format, it’s made for a great horror story. 


Released in 2013, run time is 96 minutes. English and Spanish subtitles. There’s an unrated theatrical and rated version plus filmmaker commentary. Enjoy Horror Fans!!


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