Macabre...ish Horror Review: Cube



Cube, 97/ 1 hr 30






This is a sci-fi horror movie about 6 seemingly random strangers waking up, after being kidnapped from their lives, in a metal box with hatches on every wall, floor and ceiling. They all also have amnesia but over time their memories return. Among them is a mathematician, a police officer, a coder, an executive and a mentally disabled savant.


With no food, no water, no bathrooms and few personal effects, they must work together to find their way out.





With no clues accept number sequences at every hatch and no idea what the point is, they quickly discover that random cubes have deadly traps and they’re all different.





Some with acid, some fire, some poison one ever knows what they’ll run into next. The longer they spend time together, the more they realize they all have some connection with this place and for an added bonus, one of them is going insane. And he’s becoming more unhinged and violent, by the day.


Will they ever find there way out? I love this movie, all of them, because there are 3. I love the concept. This movie is gory, graphic and brutal at times and for a 90 minute movie, it didn’t feel that long. And it’s good until the very end. And just a note, there is a sequel and prequel.


Good cinematography, insane effects and enthralling! Well done, I really enjoy this franchise!


 Ready to watch it?! It’s available here, on itunes. Enjoy!!





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