Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Belko Experiment



Belko Experiment, 2016/ 89 min. Set in an office building in Bogota, Colombia, Belko Industries employees arrive at work to unfamiliar security guards. Dany (Melonie Diaz), a new employee reporting for her first day at work is informed that tracking devices are implanted into the base of every employees’ skull in case of kidnapping, which is a typical occurrence of the area. 


Besides that, employees are noticing the presences of armed, uniformed people they do not know. An announcement comes over the intercom informing them that there are 80 employees in the building and in 8 hours, most of them will be dead. They are further informed that they increase the chance of survival by following through with prescribed tasks and the first one is: murder any 2 of your fellow employees with in the next half hour. How and whom, does not matter. If it doesn’t happened, they are warned, there will be repercussions. 



As they decide to evacuate, the building in sealed off. All windows and doors are sealed and cell reception is suspended. Maintenance tries to use a torch to breach the shields but nothing happens and times almost up. When time’s up, the backs of 4 peoples heads are blown off. Their implants were detonated. One employee, Mike (John Gallagher Jr.), decides to cut his out with a box cutter. But who’s ever doing this is watching and he’s warned to stop or his implant will be detonated. With seconds left, he stops and survives.



Others are searching for a way out and discovering hidden cameras everywhere. And people begin to panic. Soon the intercom comes on again and they are warned to stop destroying cameras and not try to remove their trackers or they will die, no more warning. The next directive is that they have 2 hours to kill 30 of them and if not then 60 will be killed. 


They end up splitting into 2 factions, one lead by Mike, who will not consider taking a life and one headed by company CEO Barry (Tony Goldwyn) who intends to follow orders. Barry and his group try to break into the armory and Mike’s group try to signal for help from the roof but out shot at from outside. 

Once Barry’s group is armed, they begin executing of the other group. But they are one short. And 31 more people die by implant detonation. 



It soon becomes very clear that most, of not all, are getting out of this. And total mayhem ensues. Those who are left are desperate to survive and the place turns into a blood bath.



And when there’s only one left, ‘the voice’ introduces himself along with his team and their mission. But the lone survivor has something for them and ‘The Voice’ tries to reason with him, to no avail. 

But that’s not the end..


This is a good movie! Much like Hunger, The Killing Room, Employer and Battle Royale. Lots of recognizable actors. Bloody and graphic lots of devastating and satisfying moments. It’s bleak though, the hopeless makes this movie heavy. 


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